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"I guess I just don’t get why you’re crying"

because mom, I never go out, I don’t have people I can rely on outside of my family, I hate where I live and I know I will never get out of here, there is not a single subject at school that I could ever excel at, I’m fully aware of what a shitty person I am, and most girls my age don’t take medication to control their emotions. I want to have a life but you-and my mental health-could never allow that.

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seeing a pic your old main anime crush and being like. damn. still feeling it

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Guy: my dick is hard
Girl: to find
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"Money won’t make you happy"

Yeah, financial stability is just horrible

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Hey, if you accidentally call a guy “daddy” in conversation, just save yourself by adding “-o” to the end and slick your hair back like a 1950’s greaser. And throw on your sick-ass leather jacket

Your thirst is hidden and now you’re the coolest dude in school

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